Are YOU Part of the Most?

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Why “Be the Most”?

This is a campaign centered on Positive Social Norming.

Social norms differ from community to community and family to family. Positive and negative patterns of behaviors can be adopted or copied and our hope is that we can encourage the positive.

Social norms are established by the (positive or negative) values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that dominate across a community group. For example, social norms may mean going to school, getting a job, playing a sport, respecting elders, family and community; staying safe at home and not using drugs, tobacco or alcohol.

These are all positive social norms and many people actually just see this as a way of life, while others don’t see life in such a positive way.

The social norms approach to preventing problem behavior and promoting and reinforcing positive behavior, put simply, is to dispel the myths about the problem being the norm among peers. It has been shown that youths’ perceptions of social norms have an immediate and lasting effect on their behaviors. Our goal is to change the idea of social norms in Monroe County with hope of impacting the health and safety of our community.

Join us and “Be the Most” in Monroe County!