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Award Recipients


Barb (award winner) on left, Ann Anderson, RN, Monroe County Health Department (coalition member) on right

Barb Ornes has undoubtedly volunteered endless hours of her time to positively impact healthy behaviors in the youth within Monroe County.  She is the Norwalk Clovers 4H leader. She is constantly finding and supporting positive and healthy activities for the youth to participate in.  For example over the Holiday break she organized a fun night at the community center in Wilton.  Numerous activities were available for the youth from sewing to arts and crafts to playing basketball and other games.  Approximately 20 some youth participated in the fun night.  Barb welcomes any individual that would be interested in joining the club or just an activity with a friend.  She shows great compassion with the youth that she works with and truly believes in the model of 4H.  When Barb says the 4H pledge; "I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world." every word stands true. It is hard to think of another individual that dedicates so much of her own time to positively impact our youth and our society.  Barb also volunteers her time with other committees and boards beyond 4H.  Some wonder what would happen to our community if we didn't have a special person like Barb.


Left to Right: Natalie Carlisle (DFC Coordinator), Vanessa (award recipient), Lilly (award recipient)

Vanessa Lilly

Vanessa Anderson and Lilly Tomek are being awarded the “Be the Most” award as the first youth recipients. Their concern for their friends and fellow classmates, and their courage to make a difference was evident when they educated their legislators in front of 100 adult spectators.  These two young advocates, armed with classroom information about how government works and tobacco prevention education from home informed Senator Shilling, Senator Lassa, Representative Nerison, Representative VanderMeer and Representative Kulp about the impact tobacco packaged and flavored to resemble candy has on young people.  Vanessa brought the message home when she said, “we shouldn’t have to ask our parents if this candy or tobacco or is it safe to eat, candy should be candy!”   Vanessa and Lilly are very deserving of the “Be the Most” award because of their compassion and valor at such a young age to make their community a healthier, safer place to live.

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